Illustratr – How to make a photo expand when clicked?

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    Hi there!

    Can I set the photos on the Portfolio page to expand when clicked? I read about a few plugins that do that, but I’m on freemium and am unable to download plugins.

    Thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is




    Can I set the photos on the Portfolio page to expand when clicked?
    When projects are displayed on the Illustratr theme, for example on the default portfolio page or on a static page with the portfolio page template assigned to it, then each featured image set on a project will be displayed above the corresponding project title. Both the title and featured image in each case is linked to the corresponding project. See for example either of the following two pages on the Illustratr demo:

    So your question suggests misunderstandings regarding how portfolios are constructed and displayed on a site. Also, the fact that the automatically assigned portfolio page ( on your site displays no projects indicates that the site presently has no published projects.

    See the Portfolios support page for information on portfolios on a site, including how to add and manage portfolio projects, and see the Illustratr overview for relevant information specifically pertaining to that theme.



    The Featured Images support page might also be helpful.



    If you just want to have an image inserted into a page or post expand when clicked on, then this will happen if the following conditions are met:

    1. the image is linked to either an attachment page or the media file, as described in the Link Settings section of the Image Block support page, and
    2. the dimensions of the file image are larger than those of the corresponding displayed image.

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