If I deactivate this website and new make new website then can I installed plugin wo

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    The site I need help with is mazhar283.wordpress.com.



    Hi @mazhar283, if you want to keep this site address, I recommend against deactivating it or cancelling it. You would want to just make adjustments to what you have instead.

    Can you tell us more about what you’re hoping to do?



    Thanks, firstly my problem was install woo plugin Which is now install and activate, now the coding below is my problem, this coding compulsory or not?


    On WordPress.com, to install any plugin, you’d need plan Business. Since I don’t see any paid subscriptions on your account, I think you’re not talking about a site hosted with us.
    Can you confirm the address of the site you’re working on?

    Please note that these forums are for WordPress.com-hosted sites only. If your site is using the open-source WordPress.org software, we won’t be able to help you out, and you’ll want to seek help at these forums:




    Yes, you are right I have not get paid plan . It means I have to get paid plugin. If so ok, thanks a lot at the moment I’m in Saudi Arabia, due to having no credit card or any source to pay. After returning to my country Pakistan I try to comply it

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