I was able to un publish a WIX site can I unpublish a wordpress website?

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    remove my current website off the internet so can fix it still?

    The blog I need help with is deanoftasking.wordpress.com.


    Hi, there
    Can anyone tell me how to take a wordpress site off the internet after I published to see what it looked like un-finished?



    Hi there,

    What’s so site’s address so I can have a look?



    Hi, there
    it was, deanoftasking.wordpress.com but I have deleted it now and starting again, I think. I found that deleting wipes everything out completely, now.

    This was too drastic though for my needs I am used to publishing and unpublishing on WIX before, to do progress checks to see how the website loads on different browsers. If the look is okay, any other suggestions would be appreciated thanks for you responding anyway. Learning it still, it is my first time looking at WordPress.

    I think can un-delete it on WordPress is this another way to get around un-publishing it?



    Hello @deanoftasking, Once deleted, a site and its address are usually gone and cannot be reused.

    For future sites, if you want to test a WordPressdotcom site before going “live” one option is to change the site’s Privacy setting so that only you and people you invite to view the site can see it. You can do that under your site’s Privacy settings https://wordpress.com/settings/general/ and scroll down a bit until you see Privacy. Here’s more information on Privacy: https://en.support.wordpress.com/settings/privacy-settings/

    Another option is a new feature recently introduced which allows you to make draft changes and preview a Public site in the Customizer without those changes going “live” until you click the publish button. You can then invite someone to view those changes. Here’s more on the Customizer, https://en.support.wordpress.com/customizer/ but it doesn’t look like the support guide has been updated yet to reflect this recent feature change.


    Thanks for sharing those tips, justjennifer.

    deanoftasking – write back if you have any other questions.

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