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    sorry, I sent an earlier post, but didnt see the online instructions of how to suggest a theme.
    The theme I want to use is Autofocus. I love that it showcases the photography by creating a collage on your homepage, of your blogs. Its clean and personal, creative and creates the art using the images. It doesnt just show your latest image or post as the first thing you see like a lot of the photography themes.
    My first question is, will this theme be considered, and if so, is there a time frame for when it could be added, so I know how much I should put my blog on hold for. Or if I should go ahead and go through the extra work to set up this theme on my own network?
    I really appreciate any quick response. Thank you staff for all your help.

    The blog I need help with is incitophotography.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,
    Are you aware that all WordPress.org and WordPress.com run on different software? Any WordPress.org themes that do get included here must be coded to run on this multiuser blogging platform. I thought I’d let you know that because this is not just an instant grab it and make it available situation at all. That being said, Themes Staff will reply to you in this thread when they can. Please be patient while waiting for that to happen.


    @sarahprikryl That sounds like a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion.



    Thank you timethief for the explanation.
    That would be great! If i start my blog with another theme, just to bide time till you add autofocus, will my posts transfer to a new theme, via Autofocus, when it does get added, or will I need redo my posts?



    If I may be so bold as to answer your question note that changing themes at WordPress.com takes moments. No data is every lost. Provided you don’t have any HUGE images that do not fit into the maximum displayed image width for posts and pages in the new theme you will not have to edit them. Provided the images in sidebar widgets do not exceed the sidebar width in the new theme then you won’t have to edit them either.

    We go here > Appearance > Themes
    We type in the name of the theme we want to change to. We click “activate” when the thumbnail depicting the new theme appears. After we click the theme is changed and what we see displayed in the sidebar of the new theme is a default display – not actual widgets.

    All widgets that were in use in the former theme migrate automatically to the Inactive Widgets box. So all we do is do here > Appearance > Widgets and replace them in sidebar and/or widget footer areas that we wish them to appear in on the new theme.


    @sarahprikryl Great news! We’ve launched AutoFocus! Hope you enjoy it and thanks for the suggestion.

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