I Want To Request A Feature For The Twenty Ten Theme

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    This topic bugs me since some months now. With my personal blog I am quite happy with the Twenty Ten theme, however the problem with this theme is that it does not support automatic photo excerpts, especially not on tag and category pages.

    This is a huge flaw. If I link to my category “animals” for example and if a user would click there, it would be great if all animal related articles pop up, well they do, but I mean also with the photos as excerpts and this is not happening. This theme does not show photo excerpts on category and tag pages.

    The dilemma is that I know how easy this would be to fix if I would have a self-hosted blog but overall I am quite happy with wp as a host. It´s just this little feature what I miss in my theme.

    I wish you people would update the themes more often or give us some new options that would allow us to customize the themes even further and I am talking about features and not about colors, CSS or what not. The excerpt problem is for example no change related to CSS.

    So, I am requesting a new option for the Twenty Ten theme that users could enable or disable. Automatic photo excerpts on category and tag pages. :) I believe this would improve the Twenty Ten theme a lot if users would have a choice related to the excerpts.

    The blog I need help with is diaryofdennis.com.



    This theme does not show photo excerpts on category and tag pages.

    Whether or not just titles, tiles and excerpts, full posts, permalinked or thumbnails are displayed on Categories Pages and Archives pages is theme dependent ie. It’s coded into the template and we bloggers cannot edit templates or themes. http://en.support.wordpress.com/themes/editing-themes/ All blogs wearing the same theme here are using the same underlying template. Staff can edit templates but doing that affects all blogs using the same theme.

    In the majority of themes, posts on category or other archive pages show up just as they do on the main posts page in the blog and the number displayed is also the same.


    Yes I know… I fully modified the Twenty Ten theme on a self-hosted website of a family member. But I want to stay on wp.com because of the cloud hosting. Even there I am happy with the Twenty Ten theme, it´s just this minor feature that I miss (which can´t be changed by CSS)…. then…

    I have a hard time to find an alternative theme. I am a little bit picky at this point… :D

    I look for a theme that does support all the following features at the same time…

    1. Image and text excerpts on tags and category pages
    2. WordAds support
    3. It must be a theme without “featured images” or at least a theme where I am not forced to set featured images
    4. It should have “EditorStyle”
    5. Flexible header but especially so flexible that I can choose the height dimension and it should not change the width proportional if I do so. A 20, 40 or 50px height should be way enough for a header… The content should be the main focus and not a big header.
    6. It should have at least a minimal design as the Twenty Ten theme and it shouldn´t be a theme with any kind of “graphical” elements like flowers, colored widget headers and what not.
    7. The text content column should have a width of 640px and not much less but also not much more.

    Now this is what I mean with “I am picky”. :D I saw all the themes and I still prefer the Twenty Ten theme :/

    For my second project I love the expound theme but there I am unhappy that it is so heavy bound to “featured images” and no automatic excerpts too sadly.



    Twenty Ten was launched on April 26, 2010 and it is the most popular theme being used on WordPress.com blogs. I tagged this thread for a Staff response but I sincerely doubt that they will edit the template thereby affecting the display on all the other blogs wearing Twenty Ten just to appease you. If they did accommodate you then I’m fairly sure a protest would arise from the other bloggers who do not want what you want.


    Time, this is why I asked if they could add this as a theme option. I do not want to force my taste on all other bloggers :) I understand what you mean. I am rather requesting it as a theme option. Thank you for tagging.



    Thanks for your input. Like timethief explained, we’re not likely to make any functional changes to Twenty Ten as it’s an older default theme. Usually the only changes to older themes are to keep them in line with current WordPress functionality so they can take advantage of things such as the Customizer that didn’t exist when the theme was created.

    If this is something you’d really like, you can add the functionality to the theme (or modify it in any other way) by downloading it and modifying the template files on a self-hosted version of WordPress. However, you will not be able to do so on WordPress.com since we don’t allow users access to those files here.

    If you’re on a self-hosted site, you can also modify any other WordPress theme, even premium themes, to meet your requirements, or write a plugin to do so.

    I hope that makes sense.



    Just want to add this little bit.

    Pretty sure @diaryofdennis knows that it can be done on self-hosted (and he could do that himself!), he’s just requesting the feature to be available on WordPress.com. Which, as @jackiedana explained above, is quite unlikely to happen.

    So I guess that’s that. :)


    Yes, hafizr is right. I know how it can be done on self-hosted wp installations. Just did request it as an theme option here.

    I´m not planing to leave wordpress.com because I am to 90% happy here. Good community, cloud hosting has benefits and so on.

    However, I know you add more and more themes, so that the chance is big that I someday will find another favorite theme. On my second blog, I have now Oxygen active wich is a cool theme too anyhow.

    I think I will experiment a little bit more to find another one for my first blog. Thanks anyway.



    Keep in mind as well that with the Custom Design (or Premium/Business) upgrade, you can modify the CSS of any theme on WordPress.com, so some of your “wish list” could be accomplished that way.

    As for WordAds, we have certain themes that are optimized for WordAds placement. If you need help with that, let me know.

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