I there a published schedule of changes to authors' interface

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    Sometime this week, probably while I was fighting with the Firefox certificate-expiration snafu of the past weekend, a change was made to the Stats interface.


    Specifically, a new-page link the posts listed on the page was removed. While I don’t understand why are removing functionality, I’m willing to concede that you probably have a reason. While it isn’t really an issue, and that particular link’s format probably didn’t meet accessibility guidelines, I’m getting tired of being blind-sided.

    Is there a published schedule of such changes coming? Anywhere? Such as is there a date when the classic editor is going to go away and you are going to try to force me to you use your “new and improved” editor?

    The blog I need help with is wheelgun.wordpress.com.


    Hi zendodeb –

    Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, there was a recent change made to the stats interface which lines up with your report.

    I think the best place to watch for similar changes would be to follow along at https://en.blog.wordpress.com/.

    Your feedback has been passed along to the appropriate team. We do value the feedback :)

    If you run in to anything else or have other questions, don’t be shy. We are always nearby for help.


    Feel free to follow along where I’ve added your feedback.

    I also wanted to make sure that you’re able to click on the view post button. Seen here.



    Yes, I know about “view post” which doesn’t take me to the actual website but embeds it in something similar to iframe – which I know is not an iframe for all the security reasons that you don’t support them. Then there is “visit post” and I can right mouse “open link in new tab” which is what I want and not nearly as convenient as it used to be.



    I closed this topic because it is clear nothing is going to be done.

    But to be specific. The WP Blog IS NOT a schedule of all changes. There is virtually NO mention of what is upcoming. (As the change to stats mentioned above.)

    There is no mention of other changes planned. There is only “look what a great job were doing” with color schemes, diversity, mailchimp, whatever.



    @zendodeb thanks for that feedback. While we don’t always announce changes on our blog, you can see here things actually change pretty often:

    But, I can see how changes to the interface would be good to know about in advance. We’ve passed along your details about this change, as well as the feedback on wanting notification.



    An update – our developers have decided to return the View Post link, but now it will only be visible when you move your mouse over the title of a specific post in the list. Hope that helps :)

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