I made a mistake and I can’t undo it

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    I changed the website theme and I can’t undo it.

    The blog I need help with is utahhealthpolicyproject.wordpress.com.


    The site listed above only has a “Hello World” post from 2009. What is the address of the site (and the theme) you need help with?


    Hi there!

    You can always switch back to the theme you had earlier, even after changing it. You can change your themes unlimited number of times.

    Follow the link for more details:


    let me know if you need help with anything else :)


    I don’t know the name of the previous theme? Is there a way I can see what I had before and then go back to it?


    Staff can see previous themes, but they would need to know which site you are talking about.


    Ok, so is there a way to contact a staff member? It’s only letting me post here I think. I have tried to chat directly with someone.


    I was trying to check the address of your site to ensure that it was definitely hosted here at WordPress.com. If you have an upgraded WordPress.com plan you could use Livechat support. If you’re not prepared to disclose your site address then add the word modlook to the tag box on the right. That will alert a member of staff to return to this thread.


    Ok I will try using that tag. Thanks!



    You could also see your previous theme searching Google’s cached version of your site or the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, but without providing the site address we’re all just treading water.


    Hi everyone :)

    Happy to help. The last theme change for utahhealthpolicyproject.wordpress.com was 9 years ago – is this the site you are inquiring about?


    Yes, that’s our site. I did something to it a few months ago that changed the coloring and appearance of the site….I thought that was the theme? I’m confused now. It looked different and now I can’t change it back. Sorry, I am so inexperienced at this!!


    You’re confused? Not as confused as me when you’re talking about a site that only contains:

    Hello World! October 15, 2009
    Filed under: Uncategorized — utahhealthpolicyproject @ 4:17 pm
    Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


    No, that’s not the correct one I am talking about then…. the site i’m talking to contains a lot more than that? Lizkarkoski, is there a way that someone from my organization can actually talk to a staff to figure this out? I was just editing the site a couple months ago and did something to change the way the site looks.



    Hi there, is this your site healthpolicyproject.org? If so, that site is using name servers that aren’t associated with WordPressdotcom (where we are). It looks like that site is hosted at xmission.com and it is using the standalone WordPress software (v4.9.8).

    Support for that software can be found at https://wordpress.org/support However in order to find what theme you were using I used the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Here’s one capture of that site from March 2018 and it seems to be using the Coller theme, the same theme that site is using now. For help with that theme, you’ll want to post at https://wordpress.org/support/theme/coller or contact the theme author, Inkhive, directly. https://wordpress.org/themes/coller/

    Just to clarify, this support forum assists users of the WordPressdotcom platform. For more information on the differences between WordPress and WordPressdotcom (where we are): https://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

    Hope that helps, but even if that isn’t your site, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to do some detective work with my morning coffee. Cheers!



    Hi there,

    Liz is on staff, and as am I, so you’re speaking to the right people. But in order to help we’ll need to know the right site :)

    Your account has only one site, utahhealthpolicyproject.wordpress.com, but that site is completely empty and neither that site nor your account has had any activity in years.

    When you visit that site in a web browser, what is the address that you type into the browser to reach the site?

    If it’s http://www.healthpolicyproject.org that @justjennifer mentioned above, and which I see is the website link connected to your WordPress.com profile, that site is not hosted with us and we don’t have any access to it’s admin pages, so we’re not able to help in that case. The theme support link Jennifer gave above is then your best option.

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