I just lost my widgets display and most of my themes – poof! Why?

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    The same thing has happened to me.
    I can’t add widgets to my blog and some are gone.



    If any widgets were deactivated they should be in your Inactive Widgets pane at Appearance > Widgets. Any custom text or settings should still be there. Have you looked there?



    I have found some of the widgets, but some formatting appear to be lost and initially it would appear some content.

    Furthermore, the way in which my links were set up has changed.

    All in all it would appear that I now have a lengthy job to sort out the blog settings and widgets, plus over the next few days I may well have to re-format many posts, because the line delinating block quotes has now gone, which will take me days to sort out, unless there is some master re-set.



    I am having a little trouble finding my flagcounter and another widget for the statistics I used to have there…

    would they be still in the inactive widget window?



    Hi Sally,
    Did you check in the Inactive Widgets pane? I’m asking because it’s the only place they can be. lol :D



    forgot to thank

    @themeshaper: I could not erase the tagline in the header appearance, because that removed the title of my blog too, as if those two things were glued together

    but going straight to “settings” and deleting that line did the trick

    thanks – one problem solved, a few more to tackle… :-)




    I have made progress, all is not quite how I had it, but until I have more time it will suffice – I am still not sure about some aspects of the design.

    Incidentally I found that some widegst did not go to inactive, eg Vodpod, but the data was still there.

    My biggest problem now is the loss of the clear delineation of blockquotes, which is going to take a long time to fix and is a severe nuisance, as the previous feature enabled a reader to clearly see that an item was a quote.



    Thanks for that help, timethief, but I still can’t INSERT any widgets into my new blog.



    Unlike Cutline, there is now a line underneath every headline that says: “Posted on (date) by (my name).” I don’t want that — how can I get rid of it?



    @pan, I had the same thought as you:
    “Probable reason: a recent quarrel between WP and Chris Pearson, the original designer of Cutline and Pressrow.”

    And I am wondering whether PressRow will be with us here at wp.com for much longer:



    I looked in the inactive widgets area…all my custom-made widgets under “text” widgets are gone. Luckily, I had copied all my html to a notepad document a while back..just in case I ever had to retrieve them again.

    I copied them from the notepad doc and pasted them into new “Text” widgets. Most of my little pics and buttons are there, but a few of the newest ones I made are gone. NOT in the inactive widgets area, I’m sorry to say.

    I only wish there had been some kind of heads up about the switch. Not cool.



    My posts have all been re-formatted to a center tab!? WTF? That’s absurd….and no way to change them back short of going back and manually re-editing all 150 posts on my blog? And I know many blogs have a LOT more posts than me.

    Even my Sidebar Widgets are on center tabs now. This new Theme seems very poorly designed.

    If anyone knows how to remove the date and byline that now appears above each post, and how to return all my text to a (standard) left tab, please advise!

    Please count my vote as “UNHAPPY” with WordPress today.



    “And I am wondering whether PressRow will be with us here at wp.com for much longer”.

    That’s a rhetorical question, right? (The first step was three weeks ago, when they removed Pearson’s name from the Pressrow footer.)




    I’m having some problems with Caroline too. Since WordPress have changed one Theme to another, that i have been having problems with the Widgets. I can’t remove three of them, that i donĀ“t want to be there, and i’m trying to insert new widgets (both in primary widget area) but they don’t appear im the blog preview. Someone can help me?



    Same here: all my widgets gone, chaos, some text widgets disappeared completely.

    Plus, I hate the Coraline theme. It’s ugly…



    @scott Hargis: So far, all I’ve been able to do to remove the unwanted “Posted by (and date”) line above each post is to change my Gravatar from “my name” to “Author.” Now it reads: “Posted on August 10, 2010 by Author.” Certainly not the best solution, but better than having my name on posts I’d prefer be generically written, and better than having to constantly switch names on my Gravatar whenever I post on different blogs (I have 2).



    @andrew: Matt confirmed last month that Pressrow was going too. Anyone currently using that theme should probably switch to another one asap.


    If any Sidebar Widgets disappeared after the theme switch they should be available at Appearance → Widgets in the Inactive Widgets pane. If they’re not, or if you need help setting up any of your widgets again, let us know and we’ll do what we can to help you out.

    For more information, please read the Cutline to Coraline FAQs.

    @scotthargis Removing “text-align:center;” from your Custom CSS will take care of that in a snap.



    @ themeshaper —

    Where? I found 6 places in the Custom CSS that contain that phrase; I changed them all to “text-align:left”, then clicked “Preview”. Nothing had changed.

    My posts, and also the links in my Sidebar are all Center-Aligned — looks terrible! I appreciate any suggestions.



    Oh – I also tried must deleting the phrase “text-align:center” from the CSS — that also didn’t seem to change anything.

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