I Don't Think My Blog Posts Are Showing Up For Anyone

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    I posted a blog post a week ago and it has no comments and only 2 views, both of which have been from me checking to make sure it actually posted correctly and was visible for everyone. I’ve checked my privacy settings, everything is set to what I want it to be set to. I am very frustrated because I am trying really hard build up my follower count because I want to become a published author one day and if no one is able to see, comment or be notified of my uploads, trying to build up that following I need will be much harder. If this issue doesn’t get resolved soon, I may have to either delete my site and start over from scratch or delete my site and try a different blogging website. So please help me!

    The blog I need help with is mythoughtsonwritingandreading.wordpress.com.



    All reasons for non-appearance of posts on Topics pages and in the WordPress.com Reader can be found here > http://en.support.wordpress.com/topics/#missing-posts

    1. You are using too many categories or tags. In most cases, there’s no need to assign more than a handful of tags per post. If you use more than 15 tags and categories (total), your posts will not appear on tag pages (because you don’t want to see irrelevant content showing up there, and neither do we).

    You need to edit the posts and remove the excess tags/categories.



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