I can't seem to comment!

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    I have been trying to post my comments on blogs I follow but every time I post a comment, it doesn’t appear or tell me that it is awaiting moderation… just nothing, as though I hadn’t posted anything! I looked up in the forums and it seems that a few other people are experiencing the same issue!
    Could it be that Akismet is treating my comments as spam? This is annoying because they certainly are not!

    The blog I need help with is wokkingit.wordpress.com.



    That’s odd. What are the URLs of some of the posts you tried to comment on please? I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    Thank you for your response timethief. I have subscribed to this thread.

    Some of the posts that I have been trying to comment on are:


    I can Like, but my comments are just not going through.

    Thank you for your help!



    I’ve just had the same problem.

    I just tried to comment on 3 blogs – one of which was successful (it is being held in moderation which I am familiar with) the other two (one of which usually holds comments for moderation, the other doesn’t) haven’t shown up.


    Lanternroom, I contacted one of the bloggers I follow and it seems Akismet has indeed treated my comments (ALL of them!) as spam. She has since recovered them from spam. I have also contacted Akismet and filled in a form saying they are treating my comments as spam but still have not heard back. I suggest you ask the other two bloggers to check if Akismet has categorised your comments as spam, if you haven’t done so already.

    I think quite a few people are experiencing it as well, but I am very curious as to why we have been ‘handpicked’ for this. I just hope they won’t take too long to follow up, as blogging isn’t really blogging if you can’t interact with other bloggers. :-/



    Hi all,

    This is a known issue and we’ve contacted the Akismet folks to ask them to look into it.

    The best recommendation we have for you is to fill out the Akismet form (http://akismet.com/contact/ ) and be patient as they look into things.



    I have filled the form in mentioned above, the reply i got back was that i wasn’t subscribed and needed to pay a fee. Can you explain this??



    @midgetgem44, can you please forward your message to support@wordpress.com and reference #294363-f in the subject line, so I can see what you were told?



    @jackiedana, I filled in the form last night but did not get any indication of whether my form was received… should I fill it in again? I provided all details apart from the API (no idea what that is)… :-/



    @misswinnielondon, please be patient, and this should be resolved soon.



    Copied and pasted from Akismet using the link on your previous post dated 10th July at 9.17pm

    No subscriptions found
    Thanks for logging in! It looks like your account does not have an Akismet subscription.
    If you need to change or cancel an existing subscription, please contact Akismet support and we’ll help you find the right account. Make sure you include as much information as you remember to help us identify the right one.
    If you don’t yet have a subscription, you can sign up for on

    When I then click on the link it asks for money !!!

    Thanks Angi



    HI midgetgem44,

    Thanks for the information. We are still looking into this and hope to have a resolution soon.



    I was about to start a new thread when I found this one – I see I am not the only person whose comments are falling foul of other bloggers’ spam filters ( maybe 30% of mine are being blocked).

    I’ll keep an eye on this topic for news.

    Should I also fill out a form with Akismet, or is this now a general issue they are addressing (as it appears to be from this thread)?



    Everyone who is having issues with legitimate comments or forums posts being caught as spam should fill out the Akismet contact form so that they can look at your account.




    Hello Jackie.

    Many of us who have filled in the form at akismet have noticed that our comments have not gone to akismet; they have disappeared in the same way as when we try to comment on blogs. It appears that akismet is viewing our attempts to notify them as spam!

    Is it possible that this might not be resolved for many of us? Do we need to change certain things such as email address in order for comments to work again?

    I have asked bloggers to unspam me which then allows me to subsequently comment okay but what about new blogs I might want to comment on.

    Many thanks.



    Hi lanternroom,

    I’m actually not sure about that, but I will raise your question with the Akismet team and let you know.



    Thanks Jackie. I’ve filled in and sent the form (twice!) but, like misswinnielondon, no confirmation that the form had been received by Akismet.



    I also have this problem. I have gone to Akismet like I was advised to do and despite several attempts, I have heard nothing. As I pay for my WordPress and I am disabled, it is one of the few ways for me to interact with people. I can’t chase everyone down and ask them to get me out of their spam bucket. This has been going on for nearly a week and I am getting to the stage where I am going to start thinking about asking for a refund. I don’t WANT to leave WordPress, but if this carries on, I may have to.

    My blog is http://kattermonran.com Thanks in advance



    Hi everyone, we’re looking into this matter now.

    @lanternroom, @calmgrove or @midgetgem44, could one of you please post a comment on [link now redacted]

    And then post here again letting me know?

    (please no one else do this, as one comment should be sufficient)



    Just to let others know on this post that I and several other bloggers I correspond to are having the same issue. Like the rest of you I have not received any response from Akismet that my form has been received so I can only hope we are all sitting in the work ticket queue and being dealt with one by one.

    I would like to know WHY this has suddenly started to happen to so many people. Has Akismet tweaked its spam filters?

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