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    For about two months I have been unable to click the like button on Richards watch or make a comment, I have followed this blog for years. When I attempt to like a small screen flashes up on the left so quickly you cant read what it says. I have tried both of my emails (the one I have always received on which says its not a proper email yet it is exactly the same as I have always used with this blog) and then another one when I attempted to follow as instructed, thinking I had some how been disconnected despite the emails I get from Richard. The only way I can like and comment is on https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/2901328 I cannot go through on the link in his blog which I have done for years and years. His url is https://richards-watch.org/. It is very frustrating and I really don’t know what to do. Thank you in anticipation



    Are you currently using Safari? If so, that’s a known issue with their cross-site tracking prevention. We’re looking into alternatives.

    Basically, your login cookie is attributed to wordpress.com but you’re interacting with a site on richards-watch.org so Safari blocks the cross-site action.

    This is the same reason why Facebook Like buttons don’t work outside of Facebook on Safari, and other similar things.

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