I am unable to resolve issues

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    Hello i need to recover domain please help me without forwarding me to some useless link


    Hello @dluberda,

    Would you be able to share with us the site address for the domain you wish to recover? Knowing for sure the domain you wish to recover will help us assist you better.

    I have also tagged this post for staff’s attention. Someone from the staff will reach you shortly. In the meanwhile it would be nice if you can reply to this post with the url for the domain you wish to recover. This will speed up the response time and eventually help you resolve the issue at hand faster.

    Let us know.



    The domain is Konstanthome.com



    I have no access to email to reset the password because the email associated with this account is on that domain.



    Your domain konstanthome.com expired on July 18. We sent several email warnings both before and shortly after it expired.

    Domain expiration is a lengthy and complicated process that takes about 90 days. You can learn more about expired domains here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/domain-expiration/

    The good news is that we are still able to recover your domain, as it is currently in the Redemption period: https://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/domain-expiration/#redemption-period

    A late renewal fee of $80 will be added to the regular price of renewal. This fee is charged by our domain partner and is not one which we can waive. That’s in addition to your annual domain renewal from us, so the total is going to be $98.

    I have sent a payment request for the total of $98 to the Gmail address on the account which owns the domain. Once the payment is received, we will send a note to our domain partner regarding konstanthome.com. This process only takes about 2-3 days start to finish.

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