i am redirected to another site on succesful login

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    i recently took over a wordpress site that is a sub dormain of an eCommerce site.

    i have installed it on my local wamp and i now wish to log into the wordpress dashboard.

    the problem is that the once i log in to wordpress it redirects me back to the old site.

    i am now trying to work out where the redirect functionality might be located.

    i have already changed the base url address in the table wp_options.

    i also tried changing the wp-config.php file with the new url:


    i would appreciate any ideas on where the redirect functionality might be located.



    It looks like you are getting help for a self-hosted WordPress.org site. This forum is strictly for WordPress.com hosted sites.

    WordPress.com and WordPress.org are a little separate, and that can be confusing.

    You’ll want to use the forums at https://wordpress.org/support/ for any support on managing your site. Hope that helps to point you in the right direction!



    thanks . how can i delete this post?



    I’m sorry, forum posts cannot be deleted. See the sticky post at the top-

    Be mindful of privacy: Public forums are indexed by search engines, so do not share sensitive details related to passwords, payments, or contact information. Email addresses shared here will only be visible to staff. Information posted in our forums will only be deleted at staff’s discretion if it presents a valid security or personal safety concern.

    All the best.

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