I am experiencing a bizarre tag behavior

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    I use tags to refer to stock tickers on my website. Because most users of Twitter are used to seeing them printed with a dollar sign preceding the actual ticker, I have adopted that standard on my own website. This has worked flawlessly and without issue except in a single instance.

    When I try to use the tag “$IYT,” when I publish the post, the tag is converted to “IYT,” that is, the dollar sign is dropped. I have tried multiple times and it invariably is converted.

    With every other combination of letters I have tried, the dollar sign remains but not with this one. It does not appear to be related to the letter “I,” because I have other tickers that begin with that. There’s something else going on here that I can not figure out.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is dereckstrades.com.



    Hello there,

    It looks like this site is on the business plan, so you can reach out for help in real time here: https://wordpress.com/help/contact

    I’ve taken a look at this and it looks like this is a bug with the theme: https://en-gb.wordpress.org/themes/coral-dark/

    I can’t seem to replicate this on another installation.

    The $ is used in them building quite a lot in PHP, so it’s totally probable there’s something a miss here.

    I hope this helps to point you in the right direction.


    Thank you for your time, this gets me on the right track.

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