I am a linux mint 15 PC owner, and I ould like to sale items. Help.

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    I am a linux mint 15 PC owner, and I ould like to sale items that I have on my wordpress page. I could realy use some help please. I do not know computers that well.

    The blog I need help with is jlacobus3ak.wordpress.com.



    NO reselling anything made by anyone else is allowed on free hosted WordPress.com blogs.

    WordPress.com blogs cannot be equipped for ecommerce transactions with shopping carts and no blogger initiated advertising or paid or sponsored content is allowed. The only things you can sell on WP.com blogs are products that you, yourself create and/or services that you personally provide. For an online store with a shopping cart you need an independently hosted blog using WordPress.ORG software.

    For selling only your own creations and/or only service you personally provide on a free hosted WordPress.com blog see http://en.support.wordpress.com/paypal/

    If and only if you are marketing only what you create and you already have a online shop with a shopping cart somewhere else online you can create a custom menu and add a custom link to it.

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