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    Hello, I already own a Domain flroenciaburton.com and I need just to redirect to my websitewith you florenciaburton.wordpress.com… not to transfer because I have this domain already paid until Feb 21.. then I could transfer. but now I only need to redirect. So I already changed the nameservers, placing yours. .. my domain is with siteground. and up tu 24 hs approx. will be updated.
    How we go on?
    Thank you very much


    Florencia Burton



    When a domain is registered or altered, there is a process called propagation, where information about the domain name is passed to internet service providers all over the world. This process can take up to 72 hours (though usually much less). During that time, your domain may go to its old location, and you may also receive a warning message in your browser about “redirect errors.”

    If you still have trouble viewing the site after 24 hours have passed, please try clearing your browser’s cache: https://www.refreshyourcache.com/

    If that doesn’t work, try clearing your local DNS cache: https://www.whatsmydns.net/flush-dns.html

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