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    I would like to know if I have the option to edit the source code of the page if I subscribe to the WordPress Premium package. Specifically, I’m wondering if I could edit not just some blocks, but even the head section. I would need this because I want to put analytical measurement code into the code, for which I would need to modify the source code as a whole, not just certain blocks.
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    Hi @zilahilivia, full site editing is coming very soon, actually! It’s currently available on the Business Plan through a beta option.

    That said:

    I want to put analytical measurement code into the code

    Which code would you be adding? We might have another option for that.


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    We use the matomo analytics tool, but by no means do we want to work with the plug-in version, so we would need the source code into the head section. Could you help me find out where the beta version is? We have already subscribed for the Business Package.

    Thank you, for your help!



    Hello there,

    Many thanks for that information.

    To insert that code into the head section of the site, you would need to use a separate plugin:

    The above plugin will inject the code, without having to edit the theme files themselves, which means the theme can get updated and you can change themes (if you need to) without having to worry about inserting the tracking code each time.

    I hope this helps.

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