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    How to use the FLYOUT MENU as described in the live demo?

    I don’t know how to make the menu combination like the live demo.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    I want to make

    1. on the left sidebar

    There is “CODING” page FLYOUT MENU and under the menu
    there is like “Github” the sub category for the CODING page.

    2. On the Top menu I want to make “ABOUT” page and it was possible by adding the item “ABOUNT” page with Top Primary Menu.

    In this case Number 2 it would be really good to know make the dropdown menu option like in the live demo.

    The reference live demo link :




    1. Such a “flyout” menu in a vertical menu is analogous to a “drop-down” menu in a horizontal menu. The menu items that slide or “fly” out to the right of “Flyout Menu” item in the Twenty Fourteen demo are child pages. See the Parent Page section of the Page Attributes support page for information, illustration, and instructions regarding creating page hierarchies.

    You can produce the same effect with sub-menu items in a custom menu, but a custom menu has several advantages not found in a default pages menu. For example, its sub-menu items can be link to various types of content, not just pages. Sub-menu items also don’t have to be related to their “parent” menu items. See the Custom Menus support page, and its Organize your menu and add sub-menus / drop-down menus section.

    2. The instructions are the same as in #1 above, except that you’ll be assigning this menu to the “Top primary menu” location instead of the “Secondary menu in left sidebar” location.


    Wow thank you so much @musicdoc1 !!

    Your explanation is really helpful !! Much appreciated :)

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