How to use RSS feeds from different websites

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    I was just wondering if it is possible to use a couple of different RSS feeds for the same website. Some of the WP theme’s I have seen allow you to enter the feed url’s in, but I have 2 websites, well 1 is my WP Blog and the 2nd is my Forum, what I would like to do, now I have an RSS feeds for both websites, is to post both RSS feed url’s on my Blog, so that it will get updates from my forum.

    Is what I am thinking even possible or am I dreaming here, I have tried in my current theme and 1 other theme to add my forum feed, but it doesn’t accept, I have completed the setup of my feeds, so I know they work as i have tested on each website, but I just cannot cross the websites with the others feed.

    I am using: for my feeds, unless someone else knows a better website to use for feeds that will give me this option I am asking for.

    Simply put, I would really love to be able to place a link for both website feed urls’ on both of my websites so they each show thier currect feeds and thier sister site feeds. Does anyone get what i am asking cause I think i am going offtrack and starting to confuse myself. lol

    Thanks and sorry for any confusion with this post, i am not use to these feeds, so I may sound strange in my questions. Sorry :)



    also, how do I add my blog to this website, as I cannot work out how to add an already made blog?



    I just wanted to say, my blog was created by my webhoster through the autoinstall system and I hate using the forum cause I get a horrible feeling from the answers of my posts, so I have come here as I heard it is better, but I dunno how to link my blog to this site, so i could use that help? Thanks :)



    If your blog is hosted anywhere other than WordPress.COM we cannot help you. The software here is a specially-modified version of WordPress, and doesn’t work the same as independent installs. You have to go back over to, I’m afraid.



    And they have one of those real annoying rotating animated header image things – that alone is enough for me not to help her no matter where they are hosted – I HATE those animated things.



    Well I’m sorry that you don’t like my header, but my choice in what to use on my blog is my choice, u can’t refuse someone help cause u don’t like something like a header.

    I am being blocked cause i responded to a post and i was the one attacked, I have asked them for a an appeal email and they ignore me then close my topic, I cannot find the support email anywhere for thier forums, I have been blocked unfairly and the woman who did it, has all the rights and I am just thrown away like garbage, i am not banned, but I am being stopped from getting help i have the right to ask for.

    if you guys know the email for wordpress to someone who can help me with an unfair treatment of a volunteer modder, then can you please give it to me, because I am at the point of seeking legal action against how I have been treated and there is no where where I can get any damn help from and I am in tears here cause I am so angry that she is allowed to block my asking for help and I cannot do a damn thing about it, it is wrong and to my knowledge against the law to forbid a person from any contact for admin to be given to someone who has been blocked from getting help because of one trouble making volnteer. So i beg you to please help me.



    Here we provide support ONLY to those who have issues with free blogs from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM. You blog is not among the blogs we provide support to. You must post to http://wordpress.ORG/support and that is that on this not a wordpress.COM blog and not a issue.



    @alison – I am an unpaid volunteer – I can refuse to help anyone I want for any reason I feel like – I am not allowed to be abusive etc.

    My experience at .ORG when I helped there was that the helpers were quite helpful to everyone – as with any help forum it can take a while for someone to show up that has the knowledge to help.

    People that showed up with demands or bad attitudes had their questions site in the que for a while – just human nature.

    Sometimes there were questions that were very technical where there was only one person that had the answer – I had to wait 24 hours for answer cycles on one question I had.



    alison, chill.

    We cannot help you. You do not have a blog. You can post here as many times as you like, but it won’t change the distinct feeling I have that you’re ignoring what we tell you.

    We cannot help you. You will have to go to for help whether you like it or not.

    God, what a lot of drama around the internets lately. Simple question, simple answer.


    @alison, you should be able to use multiple RSS widgets in your sidebar no matter whether you are here or whether you are self-hosted. Simply add another RSS widget to the sidebar and configure it for the other feed.

    The correct forum for the software you are using though is over at wordpress.ORG. There are key differences in the software here and what you are using and also restrictions here that you do not have, so most times our answers are not going to be right for you.



    Trust, I am happy with u guys, not a problem, when i was talking about the volunteer, i wasn’t refferring to here, u guys are nice and have no problems with u guys at all, I am just asking if you guys know the email for the support, because when I have asked, they disable my topics from being updated etc, thats what i mean, they wont help me get the email, but if you guys are all volunteers, wouldn’t someone know who i can contact to make an appeal for why i appear to get all my requests for help closed instantly after making them?

    I just asking for the email to contact admin, cause I cannot find it anywhere on that forum website and I have looked through all the help pages, rules etc.

    If you don’t know thier admin email, can u give me this forums admin email, if I can contact them, they may be able to provide me with the email i need to contact, cause it appears I have been semi blocked, almost like banned, but I can still write a post, but after it is posted, they disable all abilities to repost on that post, and thats why i am not getting help, cause it looks like they have semi banned me, and thats why i need the admin email to contact support to appeal, without speaking to the involved volunteer and her friends.

    I am not angry so you can say chill, i am just trying to get from A to B with contacting the entire websites support system to speak to an administrator or a real boss of the forum.

    PS: I hear what u were saying, I was just hoping that one of u guys would know the email to contact the administration of the entire forum. Thanks :)


    You use the contact form. It is a link on the right side of the support page.



    sorry to have to do this, but I finally found a modderator to sorta speak to, he released my posts saying something about spam program, thats what happened, the spam system blocked me not them, and they are trying to fix it, so i can ask for help there again and start over fresh. thanks guys. I dunno if anyone here helped with that and if you did I graciously thank you. :)))))

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