How to stop customizer settings inheritance from parent to child theme?

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    Whenever I change customizer settings, it gets applied to current parent theme AND child theme.

    If I change customizer settings on child theme, and then switch back to parent theme, the customizer settings from child theme are repopulated on parent theme…

    Is there a way to preserve customizer theme settings separate from parent to child and vice versa?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    It’s not possible to use child themes on unless you’re on our Business Plan, so you can’t be speaking of That site is also empty and hasn’t been updated in three years.

    What is the site you’re working on?

    We can only help with sites hosted on, and themes available at in this forum.

    For help with a child theme on a stand-alone WordPress site, please contact support for the theme you’re using directly, or else you can ask for help in the advanced WordPress forum on

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