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    After struggling to set up the Superhero post slider (as in the demo) for our blog, I have decided to share a step-by-step set of instructions we used to get the slider to work at our blog. I do not know if this is the best way – just a way that worked for us.

    Our blog is:

    Let’s say you want to set up a slider featuring three consecutive posts/images. I will call these “Post1”, “Post2” and “Post3”, with Post1 appearing first, Post2 second and Post3 last in the slider.

    1. Under the Dashboard, follow these instructions:

    – Navigate to Appearance → Customize → Featured Content.
    – Enter the name of a tag. Let’s call it “Picture1”.
    – Click the blue “Save” button at the bottom.

    2. Repeat step #1 and create two more Feature Content tags called “Picture2” and “Picture3”. Note that these are just tags, not the images themselves.

    3. Create a post, titled “Post3”, with a featured image that is at least 960 pixels wide. Note: The featured image will look best at a 2.88:1 width-to-height ratio, and at least 500 pixels in height. IMPORTANT: you must add the featured image using the “Set feature image” button at the bottom right hand corner. Do not use the “Add Media” button underneath the Title space to add the image.

    4. Give the post “Post3” the tags “Picture1”, “Picture2” and “Picture3”. I found that I had to add all three tags to the post to get our slider to work. Note that Post3 is, in fact, the last (and not the first) post to appear in the slider. Publish the post once you are happy with it.

    5. Repeat Step #2 to create a post titled “Post2”.

    6. Repeat Step #4 for “Post2”, this time adding only the tags “Picture2” and “Picture3”. Publish when you are OK with the post.

    7. Repeat Step #2 to create a post titled “Post1”.

    8. Repeat Step #4 for “Post1”, this time adding only the tag “Picture3”. Publish when you are satisfied.

    9. I have found that, occasionally, I must navigate to Appearance → Customize → Featured Content, and re-save the tags “Picture1”, “Picture2” and “Picture3” to get the slider to behave properly, after publishing each of “Post1”, “Post2” and “Post3”.

    Hope this helps!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)



    Wow you just saved me a lot of work. I had setup Superhero using the instructions on the forum to no avail. Your instructions worked like a charm.

    Thank you!


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    @smaktakular: glad that you found the instructions helpful. Thanks for letting us know!

    We will appreciate it a lot if you can visit our blog at and leave a comments.




    Does this work on blogs created for free? I can’t make it work on my blog >.<


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    @dachiko65: our blog ( was created for free and the instructions worked fine.

    My suggestion: first get a single post to work on the slider, then try to get two posts to work on the slider (add two rather than three tags in step #4).

    Once you get two posts to work, then you should be able to get three, four etc. posts. The logic is the same.

    Good luck!



    I have been searching how to do this for the last 2days i have read many articles from wordpress forums but i have never seen a correct one about how to make those slides even wordpress help was not clear enough but i am very happy i came across this it really worked for me and i can’t thank you enough, thanks for sharing newhavensundayvigil you did an amazing job


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    @saydou12: thanks for letting us know. We are happy that the instructions helped you!

    It will be great if you can go to our blog ( and leave a comment. We will really appreciate that.

    Thanks so much!



    This is the detailed theme description page link
    This is the live demo link

    Superhero features a Custom Header that can be set under Appearance → Header. However, many bloggers assume the featured Featured Content Section at the top is the header when it is not. Superhero does not have a full width header image. The full width images are in the featured post slider.

    Superhero header > Dashboard > Appearance > Header
    Suggested width for the header image is 480 pixels. Suggested height is 150 pixels.

    If you want to have featured images in posts appearing in the featured post slider across the top of the blog then you have to set featured images. Have you read the theme description at “Featured Content Section” here?

    You need to Create a post with a featured image that’s at least 960px wide, set it as a featured image and give the featured post the tag you declared under Settings → Reading → Featured Content.

    If you don’t see the Featured Image module on your Add New or Edit Post page, please make sure you’ve selected Featured Image in your Screen Options. If you don’t see the Featured Image module on your Add New or Edit Post page, please make sure you’ve selected Featured Image in your Screen Options.


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    I am guessing that the last post is an auto-generated message from WordPress based on the heading?

    We are providing a step-by-step set of instructions to help others *solve” this problem if they are encountering it.

    Thank you very much.



    I’m not a robot and you’re welcome.

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