How to remove WordPress Favicon in Mobile View

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    Help! my website has a problem, it was hosted in wordpress, and I bought a theme called Jobmonster in Nootheme for my website. when you search and jobozuki in your chrome app, and even in the homepage, the favicon was displaying the wp-favicon even we already uploaded our own favicon see link below ‘’.
    its like, when you search jobozuki and view the page source, just click ctrl + f and type webclip, you will see this line of codes.

    The support in wordpress forum told me to contact you guys through this link

    You can Review our topic at this link,

    Please do not send us away like they did. I know there’s a solution with this problem, and it is just, they can’t help us.

    The blog I need help with is



    how can I delete this topic? the guy told us to create topic with this link,, but I think it was the same forum. please just delete this. thanks.


    Good Morning –

    You’re still in the public support forums. In order to get help with you’ll need to sign in to the account owning that domain. Sign out and back in as jsecjobozuki101 and then go to where you’ll get connected to live chat or email support options.

    The account you are using to write to us here in this forum has never made a purchase which is why the support is coming from the free public forums.

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