How-To put a simple follow me on Google button on your blog

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    I know there’s all kinds of discussion about WP and Google+ but here is a really simple way to put a Google+ button on your blog, to link people to your Google plus.

    I have one on each of my blogs in the sidebar:

    1. Copy the correct profile URL for your Google+ site (mine is

    2. Go to this site

    3. Paste in the URL for your Google+ profile in the box at the top where it says to enter it

    4. Pick the size of button you want, then copy the code that appears in the box at the bottom

    5. Go to your widgets, pick the TEXT/HTML widget (It says arbitrary text or html)

    6. Paste the code in the widget, save the widget, close the widget, and place the widget wherever you want it in your sidebar.

    (You can put a title on the widget if you like, or leave it blank)

    This is a very simple, easy to install piece of code, and it looks great.

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks, that really helped me

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