How to move 'Leave a Comment' section right below the Content on Post page ?

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    On Broadsheet theme , ‘Leave a Comment’ section is too low in the order that most readers dont even see it . I want to encourage readers to comment so wants to move the Comment section just below the content on the Post page and move other things like Share it & Ads etc under it so Readers see Comment section directly under the content and get encouraged to comment on posts .

    How to use CSS for this ?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there, due to the way Broadsheet’s html is structured, about the best we could do would be to move the comments section up one place above the post navigation links (to previous and next posts). The code we would use for that works in the majority of current browsers, but for those on Internet Explorer, only version 11 and later would see this change. (I wish MS was more on the ball on supporting CSS3 stuff.)

    We could move the Leave a Comment link down below the content using the same type of CSS3 stuff, but again, for those on IE10 and earlier, they would not see the change.



    Thats fine Sir . I would like to move forward with the change because in the future all users will sooner or later upgrade to the latest IE version and right now many readers use browsers others than IE ( like chrome , firefox , safari etc ) so even if those who use IE10 and earlier versions cant see the change ,the change would still be available for most of my readers so i see no problem in moving forward with the change . Please help to move up the comment section ..Thank you .


    @thedefenstar, thanks, and this is the CSS. Again, this moves the comments section up one section so it is above the post navigation.

    .single .main-content {
      display: flex;
      flex-direction: column;
    .single .hentry {
      order: 1;
    .single .content-comments {
      order: 2;
    .single .postnav {
      order: 3;

    Wish I could move it up below the post content for you, but with the structure of the theme, that isn’t possible.



    Thanks for your help . I understand that theme structure is limiting the options we have . Still with your help i moved the Comment section up a little : ) Thanks again Sir. Have a Good Day !


    You are welcome.

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