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    hello, can you help me with how to make three columns on my blog?

    The blog I need help with is


    Do you mean in a post or as part of the layout of the theme? If the theme, then you’d do best just to pick another theme that has three columns (Dashboard – Appearance – Themes).


    Sorry, I hadn’t realised you’d posted to the CSS forum. Hang on and I’m sure someone will reply soon.


    You can’t add new, dynamic content to a blog using CSS only. However, sometimes you can take the widgets from one side and move them to another part of the page with CSS. It does take some work, depending on the theme.

    Just to make sure, have you settled on Skylark as your theme? There are several others that have the option to use 3 columns built in already:


    I’m going to mark this topic as resolved since there haven’t been any additional replies in over two weeks. If you still need help, please reply back with information about your final theme choice and set the topic status to “not resolved.”

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