How to disable 'View Full-Size Image' in Carousel

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    I’m using the Carousel gallery to display my images, but I don’t want people to have the option to click the ‘View Full-Size Image’ and potentially download the full resolution image. Is there something I can do to disable this, or am I going to have to resize and reload all my images manually? This seems like a poor way of fixing the problem though.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hello rowanpower, i have the same problem, plus that i would like to remove ALL image-information from the carousel, image comments, image name etc. i managed to remove the metadata yeah!
    it appeared all of a sudden, as i set the page up it was all just black background how it should be.
    did you solve the “view Full-Size image” issue in the meantime?

    my blog is
    it’s still a mess here and there.



    I accidentally removed all the meta data when I put copyright info on my images. Couldn’t fix the full size image issue, so I just reloaded them all at 800×600.

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