How to customize widget, want to add Stumbleupon?

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    I need help in adding Stumbleupon as one of my widget. It is not part of the list provided.

    Thanks in Advance,

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there! I am so sorry, but this widget code contains JavaScript. Unfortunately, that code will not work because Automattic does not allow certain tags on, for security reasons, including JavaScript, Flash, iframe, form, and input tags.

    These restrictions are in place to prevent any disruptions in service due to potentially malicious code.

    You can read more about this here:

    Normally, if the widget code does not contain these tags, you are able to simply copy the code and paste it into a text widget.



    @letterstomybeta – Since your site is Private, we cannot see exactly where it is you are trying to add this widget. But @kmk3s is correct that we cannot add certain codes to our WordPressdotcom site.

    Regardless, you can add Stumbleupon in a Social Icons widget. See here:

    There is another way to add Stumbleupon to your Sharing buttons, but I’m going to tag this for Staff to see if Stumbleupon is now connecting over HTTPS which I understood to be the reason it was originally removed from WordPressdotcom’s Sharing buttons to begin with (according to this previous forum thread.)


    Hi –

    Can you share the link or code you were trying to use in the widget? We might be able to create a link to your Stumbleupon page through a text or image widget.



    @lizkarkoski – is adding custom Sharing buttons still supported? That is how I added Pocket to my site before it became official, following the directions that a Staff member (RyanM) gave many moons ago.

    More importantly, can WordPressdotcom re-add Stumbleupon to the official Sharing buttons if they now serve over HTTPS? Thanks


    Morning folks –

    I should have been more clear in my last reply. I think that we can do this through the Social Icons Widget as long as it is served over https as justjennifer has mentioned. I do not have a StumbleUpon account to test that with. You’ll need to add an icon, and then add your account URL to the widget and save the update.
    You could also add it as a plain text or image widget. The choice is yours.

    The only sharing button options are these:
    We do not support a custom sharing button option. I’m not finding a work around to that now.

    Let me know if you need further help with getting that set up.

    More importantly, can WordPressdotcom re-add Stumbleupon to the official Sharing buttons if they now serve over HTTPS?

    I will pass this request along.

    With the Business plan you would have the ability to add custom sharing buttons with a plugin like



    @lizkarkoski – thanks for the clarification. Yes, Stumbleupon is one of the available options in the new Social Icons widget, so that’s good news.

    As far as adding custom Sharing buttons like we used to be able to do, that’s sad news, but thanks for passing along the request for Stumbleupon.


    Of course, it’s no trouble at all :)

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