how to create forum in wordpress

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    hi there i’m trying to make a simple forum in wordpress but i dont know how,
    i just try to research then i found some tips like downloading FTP , i also tried this
    but still not working..can you help me guys how to create a simple forum in wordpress without
    installing any software in my desktop. is there any website that supports free forum therefor i can
    link in my blogsite. tnx

    The blog I need help with is



    I haven’t try that but some other blogger i think they use that..

    I am a new blogger… i just finished creating my account.

    I hope it can help…



    I don’t think you can create a forum in My suggestion would be to use and then create a external link to it through the new custom menu feature on Then your forum will be displayed like its part of your site. Hope this helps.


    ifantasyrace is correct. We cannot put a forum in our blogs here. You have to create one on a different site and then link to it from your blog here.



    WordPress is blogging software, not forum software. And WP.COM blogs cannot add plugins, etc, so most of the “add a forum to your WordPress blog” instructions won’t apply here; they apply to WordPress.ORG blogs.

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