How to change the font for only selected sets of text, as done with Wordpad?

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    Hello Everybody,

    The font in my theme is proportionally spaced.
    But I want to make the technical things I post, non proportionally spaced so it’s more readable.

    When I work with MS Word, or Wordpad, I can:
    block/highlight a certain amount of text, and
    change the font for that set of text only.

    But I see no obvious way to do this with the WordPress editor.

    Most of what I find in searches, tells me about changing the font for the whole blog, or the CSS.

    I did try using the Format button, and changing it to Preformatted before pasting from MS Word. However, all I got was a very small courier font. I wanted it to be bigger. But if I made it a really big font in MS Word, it was still small in the post.

    I prefer to stay away from modifying the HTML code if possible.

    What is the secret to change the font for select sets of text in WordPress?

    Thanks a lot!

    The blog I need help with is



    Just to be clear about this did you use Row 2 Icon 6 for pasting from WORD?

    There is no secret to changing font families. Changing font style (families) throughout the whole blog by CSS editing
    We cannot access the templates in our blogs and cannot edit the underlying php and html in the theme template. However, if we choose to pay for a CSS upgrade and undertake CSS editing then we can change font gamilies, sizes and colors throughout the entire blog. However, this upgrade is NOT recommended to those who do not have CSS editing experience as there is no Staff support, and only couple of volunteers currently choose to expend their time and energy on helping others learn CSS editing.



    Changing font styles (families) throughout the whole blog by using TypeKit Fonts.
    Most of the configuration between Typekit and happens automatically. For fonts to show up on your blog, WordPress needs to know the Kit ID of your account here on Typekit. You can do that by opening up the Typekit Editor and clicking on Embed Code. Copy the Kit ID and paste it in the appropriate place in the dashboard. – Using Typekit on blogs In addition this walk through article on how to use Type Kit with our blogs is helpful.



    Changing font colors and size on posts or pages either post by post or page by page
    We users can change font styles and colors on our posts and pages, manually in the HTML editor a post and a page at a time.



    Thanks for the responses. I’ll take a look. Although, as I say, I’m not looking to change the font for the whole post, or the whole blog, or the CSS.

    I want to do what I do in a single document in Word. Arial x point. Then nonproportional Courier, y point. Then Times Roman, z point, proportional. Highlight. Change the font. On with your life.

    Here is an example I’ve seen in freshly pressed.
    Although, it doesn’t look like the font changes. Only the bold, indenting, etc. It might have been done with the WordPress editor.

    I spent an hour or so preparing the post. Now I’ve spend hours struggling with the fonts. One thing that should be the fastest, is the slowest. Bizarre. In blogspot it’s as fast as in Word. Why not in WordPress?

    I was even trying to use an HTML editor, and paste into the HTML section. But even that editor changed everything, stripping out the blanks I wanted in. :(

    Any more ideas?



    Please, in the NAME OF GOD do not use Word for this. I know they have a new “Post from Word” button, but it still doesn’t strip out all the bad code Word introduces.

    The way to change fonts is by hand-coding these changes in the HTML editor. In code.



    If you use WORD, which we do not recommend, than you must you use Icon 6 for pasting from WORD, in Row 2 of the visual editor to strip out the formatting code form Microsoft that’s being included along with the HTML.
    WordPad is also a text rich editor like WORD and the same applies.

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