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    hi guys

    how can i change the size of the header from my team that it scales automaticly when there is someone on my page with mobile??

    thanks for everyone who can help :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Every theme has a detailed theme description page. This one is at and that’s where set up instructions for it, and the live demo site link is found.

    All support docs are at where we have a search box as the most prominent feature on the page.

    Custom Header Image

    Also note that as you have an upgraded account you can use Live Chat Support



    scales automaticly when there is someone on my page with mobile

    The mobile ready theme is a default theme and a completely different theme that you do not need to enable, if your theme is listed as a responsive layout theme here

    The mobile default theme is provided for those who run older themes that aren’t the gold standard which is responsive layout.

    A responsive layout theme adapts to different screen sizes so that your website will work (and be optimized for) iPhones, iPads, Android and other mobile devices. When responsive width themes are viewed on mobiles sidebars appear below the posts in order to provide as much space as possible for reading.

    When we use a responsive theme we disable the mobile theme. Go to >Dashboard > Appearance > Mobile and disable the mobile theme


    * Replace NAME_OF_BLOG withe the actual name of your blog in that URL.

    You can read more in the support docs at

    You can test your site at this link



    @yannickgerhardt: I can see one of my colleagues also replied to your private email but I also wanted to add the answer here, in case it helps others. :)

    Since Apostrophe 2 is designed for a large custom header, which is used as a background image, edges of the image may indeed get cropped on smaller screen sizes. Custom headers that work best in this type of theme are more flexible, decorative or abstract, so they can handle some sort of cropping.

    An option for you is to upload your image as a site logo. The site logo feature is meant for images like yours, that include important text or can’t tolerate cropping.

    Perhaps you could also consider separating the text from the header image. The flowery background could then be used as the header image and the text could be used as your logo.

    Hope that information helps!

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