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    I have a person who is visiting my site constantly and posts mean comments in attempts to bait me. I would like to stop this person from being able to view my blog. Is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is:


    First thing I would do is go to settings > discussion and set it so that first time comments are held in moderation. That is your first level of defense. After you have approved a comment, then their subsequent comments will post without moderation.

    On that same page, scroll down to the “blacklist” area. Enter their username, email address, and if they included one, their website address. Do not use their IP address as IP addresses are no longer unique in the majority of cases, so blocking an IP address might blog other users. Also, they can always to to a wi-fi hotpsot and come with a different IP.

    If they trick you and send in a nice comment to get you to approve it and then start blasting away, turn full comment moderation on (all comments held in moderation until approved).


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    Thank you. I was hoping I could block him from even SEEING the site or commenting at all. I want to avoid even having to read them. But I guess, if I am that thin skinned, I shouldn’t blog at all. Usually people dont get to me and I HATE editing comments. I want my site to be a free and open discussion…even the morons. But once in a while one person will set me off and this is one of those times.

    Again, thank you.



    You’re always going to have “jerks” who visit your blog. I would make sure your comments are approved for moderation. That way you can approve all of your comments :)

    Sounds like you have the situation under control!



    There is no way to block people from seeing a site here at wordpress.COM, and even on other sites (self-hosted) those measures are easy for anyone to get around. They just use a different internet connection such as wi-fi at starbucks or something like that.

    Best you can do is what I’ve suggested and then after a while “it” will probably get bored and go away.

    What you have to watch for is them using a different email address. Those that are determined to cause a stir will do that. That is why having first time commenters held in moderation is important.


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    I will do that!! Thank you very much :)

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