How many subscribers to my blog’s RSS feed?

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    Where can I learn and track the number of folks who have subscribed to my blog’s RSS feed? Don’t see it in the dashboard. Thx.

    The blog I need help with is:



    I’m at

    I had the same question and saw in a different forum that the answer is “no” but that you can install something from feedburner to get this data. So I’m wondering….can we burn our RSS feed via feedburner on wordpress.COM or is that only something you can do on wordpress.ORG? And if we did that, could we then see our # of subscribers in RSS feed? (right now I only know how many people are subscribing by email

    thank you!


    I am glad I am not the only one wondering this. If anyone has the answer for this, please share it with me as well.

    Thank you!



    you can and indeed use feedburner with

    the statistics of feedburners may not be 100 percent accurate though.
    (A subscriber can click on [blogname] and bypass feedburner to subscribe if thy wish.
    No big deal, but we have do not have the option to stop this at



    thank you. so how does one go about doing this (i.e. switching to feedburner for RSS feeds)?



    You can’t use Feedburner for your main feed if you’ve got a built-in feed button on your theme. You CAN use it if you’re putting the feed in your sidebar via the RSS widget or a text widget. Go to for the instructions.



    I don’t know how accurate this is, but there’s a way to check your subscribers using google webmaster. I just found a tutorial and used it. I’ve got some!




    Sorry for my ignorance, but I need a 101 lesson on how to tell people what to do to subscribe to my blog ( I have poked around through every widget on my dashboard and can’t figure it out. On my blogspot blog, I have a ‘follow this blog’ button, but see nothing equivalent here.

    I understand from questions above that people can subscribe one of two ways, by email or by RSS feed. Can you tell me what to do to add both options?




    The instructions on providing email updates are at Feedburner or in the FAQ.

    Basic instructions on using RSS can probably be found via Google, or you can just post this video:



    If you have access to your web server’s log files, you can get a fairly accurate subscriber count using a tool I wrote: For more information on this tool, see my blog post, Counting RSS Subscribers.

    Ken Varnum
    RSS4Lib: Innovative Ways Libraries Use RSS —

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