How does Expound Theme choose related posts?

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    I’m curious which criteria is used to choose the three related posts that appear underneath a blog post in Expound theme?

    The blog I need help with is


    I believe this is for all blog themes on, not just the theme that you are using.

    I noticed that it began today when I published my first post.

    It is computer generated, so the “related” posts may or may not be actually related to the blog post just published.

    Is there a way to turn this feature off? I would prefer to choose which previous posts are related.



    Yes please:
    I would like to either be able to turn off this feature, or be able to choose what posts are related.


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    I believe this is for all blog themes on, not just the theme that you are using.

    Yes, the “related posts” look like they will soon be a feature on many themes soon. Here is a staff response:


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    I would like to either be able to turn off this feature,…

    Here is the info from the above staff response (gibrown) about turning off “related posts:”

    …so you can turn them off by going to Settings->Reading in your Dashboard (wp-admin/options-reading.php) and going to the “Related Posts” section.


    Thanks for the update 1tess, however, the “Related Posts” section isn’t there for my blog for some unknown reason. I’m using the Digg 3 Column theme.


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    This might explain why you don’t see a way to turn off related posts, and why, when I put my test blog into Digg3, that I don’t see any related posts at all…
    from gibrown:

    There will be a post on when we have fully launched the feature. Currently we are still just testing.


    Thanks again, 1tess.

    I see 3 links under “Related” at the end of all the blog posts. Are you saying that you don’t see them?

    I went to one of my writers’ blog that also uses the Digg 3 and I did not see any Related links at the end of her posts.

    I logged out and looked at both blogs, and I saw the links on my blog (Dandelion Salad) but not on hers. So, I must assume that all my readers are seeing the links listed under Related.

    Approximately how long will the testing be going on before we can turn it off?


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    I’m a fellow volunteer, so have no way of knowing how long the testing will last.

    It appears that they are using only a portion of all users for the testing, so that’s why your friend and I don’t see related posts on Digg3. I do see them on my blog using Expound.



    Related posts is a great feature, thank you!

    I, however, do have a question about manually choosing the posts to appear as “related posts”. I wasn’t able to do that anywhere in a dashboard. Is there a way to do so?

    Thank you in advance and keep up the good work!

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