How do you create a drop down list to make a selection from a list?

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    How do you create a drop down list to make a selection from a list?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Eric,

    I see you have added HTML and CSS on your Baseball page, and found that this will not work.

    What should happen when a visitor selects an item in the list? What is it you’re trying to achieve with the drop down?



    Thanks for the response! I am trying to create an interactive web page, where a visitor could essentially pick a sports game matchup from three drop down lists on the screen and then it would ultimately take them to a chart/graph that shows each team’s win probability for that matchup from a given set of team ratings. The first list would be: 1. Location (they could choose a. Home/Away, or b. Neutral Site), the next two lists would be a list of teams. 2. Home Team (list of teams to choose from), 3. Away Team (list of teams to choose from). After the web site visitor makes those selections, I want it to take them to a chart/graph that shows the win probability for the two teams they selected if they played each other. I am trying to do this with three sports: baseball, football and basketball.


    Wow that’s quite a complicated thing, sounds like a great idea but unfortunately I can’t see a way to accomplish with a free account, you would need use JavaScript in order to get that kind of logic to work, and that’s not possible with a free account, though you can use JavaScript with a Business plan.

    There may be plugins that will allow you to set something like that up though I also think it might be an interesting challenge for a new programmer. If you went with a plugin solution you would also need to upgrade to a Business plan.

    For now, with a free account, I think the closest solution would be to have a link for each combination which would take the visitor to a page/post with the graph for that combination. Hope that makes sense.

    I don’t know if anyone else around here might have any other suggestions.



    If I upgraded to the Business Plan can you help me with this project? I have all the info set up on a Google Sheets spreadsheet.


    Hi Eric,

    I have tagged your post with the modlook tag so a member of the staff here can come and give you an answer to your question.



    This sounds beyond the scope of what support could provide. It sounds like you would be better off working with a WordPress site professional to get things off the ground. A good resource for finding WP pros can be found here:

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