How do I switch gallery out of carosel view

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    With millions of users cultured by Facebook album, you would think that folks got a hint. Standalone albums and galleries do very little from a social media interaction perspective. Because of the inadequate album option, I often find myself uploading my photos to Facebook and then my WP blog readers to visit the photos there.

    I’ve found that people are a lot more willing to Like and post a comment on Facebook than they are on WP. It would be really cool if WP rolled out a Facebook style album – simple, clean and effective (along with Like and what not).



    I would like to add my voice to the request that the carousel not be imposed for galleries.


    I don’t understand the idea of imposing this carousel feature, I totally hate it. I did not ask for it. Can I please have a say as to what features I want on my site. Don’t think I need any one telling me how I need to have things set up.


    I hate this carousel feature. It sucks that WP imposes this on you without an option to turn it off or even have the courtesy to let you know that this was going to happen. Please fix this ASAP. Stupid.



    what’s up wordpress? this morning i posted a comment to the article about the new carousel feature but it never shows up. the post is there when i’m logged in, but it says, ‘your comment is awaiting moderation’. if i’m logged out it’s not there at all. it’s funny that the only comments are ‘ i love it!’, ‘awesome’, ‘great work’, etc. but when i said i didn’t like it, well…


    Help! The new carousel feature ruined my site…I host scans of old fanzines/magazines, and now with the size reduction you can not even read the text. Also I concur, bad idea to impose it without any notice.

      Please let me opt out of this

    or I will be forced to move the site elsewhere…any help appreciated and the sooner the better.



    I agree that it’s wrong to impose it. It sounds like lots of people have the same problem we have with losing the descriptions. It takes a long time to load pictures into a gallery and add the caption and description, it really is frustrating to lose it all or direct people to the permalink for the old feature.
    All our photos are smaller too.
    And it does seem as if only the ‘wow! graet feature’ comments are appearing on the announcement page, a few of us have posted negative comments or questions about reverting and they don’t show up.


    It seems that “carosel” need java or javascript. Give your visitors a helpful hint. Switching of java may be a auxiliary solution like clicking the permalink. I am a picture story teller…and that will don’t work with “carosel”.



    @hugosfotobuch, there’s no point in doing that. Javascript is used in your blog for much more than just viewing images in the Carousel. Also will your visitors remember that when they leave your website they need to re-enable it for the rest of the internet?

    No matter what we think about it, the carousel is here now and Staff have already said that this is the first version with refinements to come.



    Since I’m not the only one who doesn’t like this, I thought I’d share my thread with WordPress staff responses.



    I have just posted elsewhere on the forum (now re-directed here) with exactly the same complaints as expressed here.
    I am horrified to find this has been imposed on us all whether we like it or not.
    Like other people here I am showing my work, not just a load of photos of my latest holiday (and really it’s not even useful for that). This carousel thing takes everything you show to the lowest common denominator. It looks messy, and alters sizes that one has spent time working out. Please make it an OPTION and not the default!
    Who in the non tech world knows what Permalink means? I certainly didn’t…and discovered by accident I could return to the original situation. But that doesn’t help unless you issue instructions to viewers on every page! And what viewer is going to have that sort of patience.
    Please think again WordPress! Please stop making really good, worse!


    I wasn’t a fan of the carousel making it so hard to see the information I added to each of my photos in the comments section…until I discovered that all comments (by me and by others) made prior to the switch have been stripped from their pages anyway. The comments still exist and are still listed on my dashboard, but they are listed as detached from their pages, and do not appear on those pages. Major, major bug. Didn’t anyone check something that fundamental before this change was forced on us?



    Also, the pictures in carousel appear resized and badly compressed, there is a definite difference in image quality between the carousel and attachment page images.




    Yes carousel feature is not a good design. And i second shimworld that users are more likely to ‘like’ or ‘coment’ on facebook than on WP galleries and that just seems to be a design inadequacy. I hope WP can do something here. Working hard to take good pictures and them having them posted on a non user friendly gallery format is dissapointing..



    Carousel is a bad idea.
    It doesn’t look good, we didn’t ask for it.
    You can’t turn it off.
    It reduces the size of the artwork.
    It takes control out of out hands.
    Basically it sucks.



    Well I don’t think it to be a PROBLEM



    It is a problem.
    Choice is what we need.



    I want my descriptions back! i dont want to redesign each post that includes a gallery, my galleries have descriptions for a reason, how can WP release Carousel without any feature for us users to control how things are displayed. I want my descriptions back!



    Likewise I have complex descriptions which I am losing…I do hope WordPress are listening to this cascade of protest! I used to be proud of website…now I feel I have to apologise!



    Innovation is important.
    I like word press because they are great innovators, but, but, but, but……..
    please give us back control and take out carousel.


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