How do I modify file robots.txt?

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    Google say I have to modify file robots.txt, otherwise my pages cannot appear in google search! How?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    There is nothing wrong with your site’s robots.txt file, and your site is already indexed with Google:

    Where exactly are you seeing information that says it isn’t?



    google search console

    maybe it’s a minor problem concerning just two pages

    They say: “indexed but blocked by robots.txt”

    Probably an error by google, nothing important

    I’ve another bigger problem: I cannot see notifications; when I click the bell in right top corner of the screen, I see white and empty window and the loading icon cycling for ever.

    Can you help me?

    Thanks in advance



    The possible cause behind it might be a theme.

    Try changing the theme, it might solve your issue.




    Hi, there are a couple of recent forum threads on this topic. Have a look here:



    Thanks @justjennifer, we’ll keep an eye on that thread:

    Since robots.txt actually is accessible, I would imagine the issue is on Google’s end, and they’ll likely have it cleared soon. But if not, and if anyone starts actually having trouble with Google indexing their site, please update us.

    And if it’s alright, we’ll ask you to update us in the other thread (just to keep the issue tracked in one place.)

    So, @vgartsite, head here to update us if you need more help:

    Thanks, all!

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