how do I get thumbnail pictures next to excerpts?

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    Hi All!

    I would like to get thumbnails (of a pciture in the post, e.g.) next to the excerpt of the post on the main page. I use the morning after theme, since it seems to support this. but I can not find a way how to tell the blog that I want a thumbnail…

    another questions regards the list of posts on the main page: at the moment only the excerpt of the latest post is on the main page, but I would like to have a list of excerpts plus thumbnail of all (or at least the recent) posts.

    I don’t have the CSS upgrade, so I am wondering if i can do this without it?

    thanks a lot!

    The blog I need help with is



    The excerpt function does not work in all themes, but it does work in the theme you are using. What you have to do is to write the post, put in any images you want, in it and then when you are ready, switch to the HTML tab, copy out the part you want to be in the except on the categories and archives pages, and then paste that into the excerpt field. Do note that this is going to override the excerpt on the main page as well.



    thanks for the effort, but this does not answer my question.

    I dont have a problem with the excerpt. instead, I would like to have a thumbnail next to it on the main page….


    a) In Appearance > Theme Options > General you’ve got the option “Show Full Content Home”. If you check it, the latest post will show up in full. If you uncheck it, you get an excerpt. The auto excerpt is the beginning of the text, with all HTML stripped out, so no images. To display a thumbnail next to the excerpt, you need to do create a custom excerpt (exactly as timethief suggested): insert the thumbnail in the post, cut its code from the HTML editor, paste it into the Excerpt module, add the text you prefer, update.

    b) If you mean thumbnails next to the other posts as in the WP demo ( ), you need to set featured images to those posts:

    But those posts are posts you showcase yourself manually by marking them as stickies. If what you want is an automatically updated list of excerpts plus thumbnail of all (or at least the recent) posts”, then The Morning After isn’t the theme for you.



    thanks guys!
    I found the answer:

    1. dashboard > posts > click on a post > screen options (upper right corner) > check “excerpt”. no the excerpt field pops up under the post field.

    2. click on the HTML tab (upper right of the post field) and copy the text AND picture you wanna have as thumnail into the excerpt field

    3. change the picture size, so it is really a thumbnail (is there an easier way?)

    I still have one question remaining: the thumbnail is now either above or beneath the excerpt text (see is there a way to put it next to the text???


    Re 3, you can go to Settings>Media and change the default size for thumbnails, so that when you select the Thumbnail option upon inserting an image, it will automatically be inserted in the size you prefer.

    Re new question, change “alignnone” to “alignleft” (= left alignment plus text-wrap).



    the alignleft tip works fine! thanks!

    regarding thumbnail size: this would mean that I have to upload the picture two times; one time in full size (for the post) and one time in thumbnail size (for the thumbnail next to the excerpt). I guess there is a way to state that the picture should be displayed as thumbnail even it is uploaded in full size?

    the code looks like this:

    <img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-14″ title=”IMG_8134″ src=”” alt=”” width=”250″ height=”370″ />

    I already changed the “size-full” into “size-thumbnail” and deleted the “width” and height” but it does not change the appearance.


    Uploading and inserting are two different things. Uploading means sending a copy of your image to WP; inserting means putting a version of the image in a post or wherever. The two are independent: you can upload an image without inserting it anywhere, or you can insert an image without uploading it (if it’s already hosted somewhere), or you can upload it once and insert it fifty times (in different posts and/or in different sizes).

    “Size-full” or “size-thumbnail” alone have no effect: it’s the width and height commands that do the job. If you delete both the height and the width, you get full size. To easily resize the displayed version, you can delete the height only and change the width number: that way you don’t have to calculate width-to-height ratios.

    So, you only need to upload the image once (selecting full size, if that’s what you prefer for the single post view), insert it in the post, then copy its code, paste it into the Excerpt field, delete the height, decrease the width, and you’ve got a downsized copy of the big one for your homepage.

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