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    Hi, I write a sewing blog, admittedly its a bit random when I post. I don’t get many visitors to my site. Any tips on how to get more interest. I’m not sure if I use the tags properly.
    Any advice would be gratefully received.

    The blog I need help with is



    I think this is what you’re looking for right here:

    I hope that helps, and let me know if you have any other questions!


    Great thanks Ill have a read through :)


    I’m not sure if I’m tagging properly, do I use the # as well ie #sewing or should I be using “sewing” – does it make any difference. Apologies as my knowledge of blogging is minimal


    Hello again,

    The hash is not necessary.. just ‘sewing’ is fine. Be sure to add a few other relevant tags as well.

    Here’s another guide that’s more specific to tagging:

    I hope that helps, and let me know if you have any other questions!



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    Posts display in the Reader for 60 days only.

    You need to edit the existing posts and remove the excess tags/categories from your posts.

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    Hover of a page title or post title and click the Edit link.

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    Quick Tips for Selecting Categories and Tags

    1. Categories and Tags are one or two (sometimes three) words keywords (i.e. terms potential readers would be likely to use if they searched your site).

    If you wanted to find your blog post then which terms would you search for? Use those terms as your categories and tags.

    2. Think in terms of from “broad” to “narrow”. Categories are keywords that define broad topic headings.Tags are keywords are more specific terms indicating what a post is about.

    3. Categories and Tags are treated the same way by search engines so avoid duplication. Do not use the same the same keyword or keyword phrase as both Categories and Tags. Do not use keywords already found in the post title and the text as Categories and Tags.

    (a) Assigning the same keywords or keyword phrases to the same post makes one appear to be a spamdexer AKA tag spammer trying to game search engine results.

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    (c) Remember that readers ought to be able to click one link for a single term (Category or Tag) and find all relevant articles in your blog quickly and easily. Assigning the same terms as both Categories and Tags results in duplicated search results that will be frustrating for readers who are searching your blog.

    4. Know that “less is more”. The aim is to use the least combined number of relevant keywords or phrases as possible to accurately describe the contents of any post.

    5. Ask yourself: Which three keywords describe your post’s topic, content and message?



    re: blog subscriptions

    All that’s required to follow any blog hosted by wordpress.COM is exactly what you were required to provide to register here, and that is a valid email address that the published posts can be sent to.

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    You can set up email subscriptions here > Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Follow Blog Widget by using this guide >

    Widgets can be configured to appear only on certain pages (or be hidden on certain pages) by clicking on the Visibility button.

    We have a subscription shortcode which you can make use of. The help page on it is right here: You can also include the subscription shortcode at the end of every post you publish.

    Here is the link to the guide you must use for mailchimp

    Additional information:
    You can create a Subscribe page add and customize a contact form with multiple fields, change the email address where you’ll be notified, and mark feedbacks as spam from your dashboard on that page.



    Thanks for all the help – lots of reading to do.
    What about getting on the Reader, I don’t seem to get published there, is this an automatic thing?

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