How Do I Change from Independent Publisher 2 to Dara?

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    I currently have an Independent Publisher 2 blog. I want to change to Dara because it offers a traditional website with a blog feature. However, when I try to change themes I only get my current blog in Dara form, which doesn’t look good because the pictures get chopped up. How do I set up Dara properly as it looks in the demo?

    The blog I need help with is




    How to set up various features shown on the Dara demo front page is described in the corresponding sections of the Dara Overview.

    The Dara demo has a static front page (aka homepage). So if you change your homepage to a static page as described in the Set a Static Front Page section of the overview, then you’ll have to choose another page on which to display the latest posts. This can be done at Customize > Homepage Settings.

    You might also want links in the header navigation menu to your homepage and your posts or blog page. These may be added to a custom menu as described in the Site Menus support page.

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