how do I block people hotlinking/stealing my images

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    I use the widgets. I do not do up my own css pages. I need a code that wordpress authorizes to
    stop people hotlinking or taking my images. Something like “no right click”
    Since wordpress only likes html…is there something I can do?



    The best advice I can give you is if you
    don’t want your images stolen then don’t
    post them on the internet that is the only
    solution because there is really nothing to
    stop them from taking a screen shot of the image.

    As for the hot linking break the link on the images
    they’ll still be able to steal them but they won’t be
    able to hot link them.

    Also you could put a water mark in the center of the image
    to try to deter them from stealing the image because it will
    make it harder for them to hide the fast the image belongs to you.



    There was a thread on this yesterday.

    Basically, we said that if someone wants to steal your picture, even the “no right click” thing isn’t going to stop them; they can still print screen your picture, or something like that.

    The short answer was no, there’s nothing you can do. If you watermark them, it might discourage people from stealing your pictures, though.


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    Thank you both for replying :-)



    Your welcome! conservativereporter,


    How do you ‘watermark’ them? Is this a job for Photo Shop?


    I once found a resizer that also watermarked for multiple images at a time. If you want to watermark one or two for a post, then maybe try Paint. But for many images at a time, try Google for batch watermark downloads. For safer downloads, try here.




    Using the Monotone theme provides SOME protection, but not much. And you can only have one image per post in that theme.

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