How do I Ban Specific Bot Accounts from Interacting With My Site

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    I’ve got four followers of concern that are not entirely unrelated that I do not want to interact with my blog. They appear to be bots. The followers are identified by the names

    Alex Melnichuk Mortgage Lending

    The bots for these IDs will “like” every single post I make. When they “like” a post it places an icon of their gravatar and a link back to their site. In 3/4 of the cases the avatar is an image with text about applying now for a loan.

    I don’t mind people that are genuinly interested in my blog leaving likes. But this behaviour is clearly self serving and in no way related to the Software Engineering posts that I make. Is there some way to permanently prevent these accounts from being able to follow me?

    I’ve tried removing them from my followers. But within a few hours they follow again. I’ve had to turn off the like button on my site because otherwise they would preictably like every single post I make within a few minutes of me having made it. These bots are basically spam and I’m pretty sure my blog isn’t the only one that they respond to like this. Is there something that can be done about their behaviour?

    The blog I need help with is



    I think we’ve got this rash of bots wrapped up here:

    Please follow up there if you need more help.

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