how do I add a string to an URL?

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    I would like for all the posts under a particular tab to appear in chronological order

    The blog I need help with is




    All posts on tag pages appear in reverse chronological order, same as on the blog. That cannot be changed unless you edit each and every timestamp.


    How do I edit a timestamp?



    Edit the post, and on the right-hand side where it has a calendar icon, you change the date and time. Then Update the post.


    I don’t have a calendar icon on the right-hand side (or anywhere) on the page where I edit a post.


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    Editing a timestamp is not a great idea in terms of SEO (search engine optimization). Please read what timethief wrote about in your other question on this same (similar) topic.

    If you change a date on a post (and you can do that easily) then your post will return a 404 not-found via search engines. The date is an essential part of the link to a post. If your site has been indexed by Google et al, then the link will be useless: readers will see that the article is no longer available.

    I’d suggest making an index of your posts with the archives shortcode:
    or choose specific important posts to add to a custom menu:


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    raincoaster is talking about editing each post, not editing the calendar widget/


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    The calendar widget only displays posts by date, so the only way to edit it is to edit dates of posts. Which, as I noted is not good for search engine results.


    I wasn't comfortable with the idea of altering dates (I am a history teacher and that kind of thing just doesn't sit right with me) so I appreciate you giving me a compelling and practical reason to go another route.

    The problem is that I do not understand the lingo on the pages you recommended. Maybe it is just what I want, but I simply can't tell. And I I hit a dead end right away. I followed the instructions to make an index with the archives shortcode:

    To create an archive index for your blog, simply add a new page or post and type the following shortcode into your visual editor:

    Your blog does not currently have any published posts.

    By default, the shortcode will produce an index/listing of all published posts on your blog. You can use multiple shortcodes on one post/page and also add it to a Text Widget for use in your sidebar.

    … but nothing on my blog appears to have changed. Is a new link supposed to appear under the “Archives” heading? How can I customize something that is not there? Is the kind of customization I want even a possibility?

    What I want is a link, or a tab, that will lead readers to a set of specific posts, and I want these posts to appear in chronological order. I don't know how to use this Archives Shortcode feature to do that, and I don't see anything on the Custom Menus page that looks like it would allow me to do what I want to do.


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    Are you asking about this site:

    I wonder because you said this:

    Your blog does not currently have any published posts.

    I need to go away for a while, but feel free to continue asking questions, though what I asked about may well be necessary for you to answer in order to get accurate help. I’ll be back later tonight or tomorrow. Other volunteers will also help.


    Yes, you have identified my site. I appreciate any help you can give me.

    As far as that phrase you quoted, now I am wondering too. I actually didn’t say that. I copied and pasted text from the “Archives Shortcode” instructions page you recommended, beginning with “To create and archive index …” and ending with “… for use in your sidebar.”

    The phrase you quoted reads “[archives]” on the page and it read that way when I pasted it into my message.

    I have no idea why it changed to “Your blog does not currently have any published posts.”

    I currently have 59 posts on my blog. Several of them are parts of series. I have a 5-part series, a 6-part series, and my 60th post will be part 4 of a 10-part series. I would like for the series to be accessible for my readers to read in order, and for them to be easily found by clicking on a link. Last week, I set up some tabs that now appear at the top of my home page – and that gets me halfway to what I am after. But reversing the order of the posts has eluded me so far.


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    Hi again! And some apology because it’s now past midnight on valentine’s day, with some over-indulgence of wine and chocolate. My brain is a bit muddled, so excuse a volunteer for not providing a great answer immediately.

    I think you can use the archives shortcode for each category you have linked in your navigation bar, though I’m not sure assigning categories is a configurable option?

    You may need to make a shortcode for each page then copy and paste the code for each. In which case new additions to each topic would then have to be copied and pasted. But it’s easier than writing the code links yourself.

    And if you can use cats to generate the archive index(es) for each page, then they will update.

    I will check again tomorrow to see if you still need help. For now my brain is only moon-light, snow-storm, and dream-time. ≥^!^≤


    I do appreciate your help and certainly understand the importance of taking a break at the end of a long day. I take responsibility if my inquiries to this point have not made it clear as to what I am trying to do. I hope my last message corrected that somewhat.

    I am willing to try whatever you suggest, but I think I will need you to explain it to me like I know next to nothing (think of me as a time traveller from the 20th century who is out of his depth).

    Is the “navigation bar” the list of topics (which I have referred to as tabs) at the top of the page?

    If I make a shortcode for each page, what would they look like? Where would I paste them?

    As for the fourth paragraph in your message above – well, I don’t really understand any of it.

    If you are willing, I would really appreciate step-by-step instructions. I want to start with the series “four essential skills” which is the shortest with 5 posts.


    Is there any answer for my problem?



    Hi there!

    I noticed that this ended up being unsolved, so I thought I’d chime in. If you want to order your posts on Category Pages in chronological order, what you can do is add a page and add a shortcode to list your posts this way. It will end up looking similar to this:

    This is showing all posts in chronological order in the Work Study category. If this is what you want, you can use this guide:

    I have created an example for you. I see that one of your category pages is 21st century schools. So, what you can do is create a page by going to Pages > Add new in your WP Admin Dashboard. Then switch to the Text Editor and add this:

    [display-posts category="21st century schools" order="ASC"]

    This will list your posts in that category in chronological order with their links. Once that page is created, you can add this page to your menu by going to Appearance > Menus in your WP Admin Dashboard.

    To create this for the other categories, just switch out the category name.

    If you want this in a Text Widget in your sidebar/footer. Add the same code to a text widget and you’ll be set!

    Let me know if you have any questions with this!

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