How do a change the thumbnail image of my link when posting to facebook?

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    i’ve just posted some new images to my blog, i have fb sharing enabled so each one gets posted to my fb page.

    i am also then trying to into fb a link to my wordpress blog, as i want people to look at all the images together as they tell a story, but the thumbnail that accompanies that is not the thumbnail i want.

    how do i change this thumbnail?

    The blog I need help with is


    Wish I could help, but am looking on this post for an answer myself.
    I too post to FB, and even have three pages where I copy paste the link. I usually get the large blue W as an icon, but sometimes it uses my profile picture, a flag(completely out of the blue) or some images I have never uploaded. I rarely use images on my blog, so it would be nice that in those cases the system only uses one, the blue W


    There isn’t currently a way to pick out the image manually for a post unless you are using a theme that supports featured images. If a featured image isn’t set or your theme doesn’t use featured images, then the code tries to pick the first image in the post or page. If no image is found, then the blavatar is used, which is one reason you may have seen a logo in some cases.

    Try making sure the first image in the post or page is the one you want to see used.

    @formulaoneupdate, you shouldn’t really see an image you have never uploaded being used. If you see that happen again, is there any chance you could take a screenshot showing the entire browser window so we can see what you are seeing?



    @designsimply: Thanks for the info. It’s good to know. Would consider adding it to the existing support doc?


    @airodyssey, absolutely! Done. Feedback always welcome.


    “@formulaoneupdate, you shouldn’t really see an image you have never uploaded being used.”
    I am merely asking why I can no longer use the option of utilizing the large blue W anymore? I have used the exact same theme from day 1, never changed the settings other than the usual stuff, like how the date is viewed or something like that. I added a widget here and here, but nothing that would explain why I cannot use the large blue W anymore.
    Also screen shot of which browser window? The dashoboard? The blog after the article is posted? The Facaebook page?



    Answered in greater detail here:

    Find the image you want, upload it to the post, then save. If it worked before, DesignSimply is telling you that was a bug. It seems to have been fixed, so now you need to upload the image to the post if you want to include it in your post to FB.



    No have never uoloaded a blavatar.
    And Raincoaster, I know how to upload images, I know how to use the media page. It might have been a bug, but it still doesn´t answer my extremely simple question. How the **** do I get the blue large W back that every article I uploaded to FB was born with? And no, linking to another thread with the exact same frustrating me trying to tell people that they are not answering the question about the ****ing large blue W, is not helping either.
    all I need to know is: Sorry, dude the large blue W is no longer available. Great! That´s all I need to know. Or: Sorry, there was a bug, it has been removed. But since the large blue W is still not available, we have no idea what causes this.


    Jennifer I am all for using just one thread. But the issue is yet to be solved. Please, for the love of everything that is good and holy, show me that the issue have been resolved, because I cannot see it anywhere. I have asked so many times about the stinking blue W, and everyone starts talking about: Here´s a link, the answer is right there! And I look at the link and the so-called answers, but none of them actually addresses the issue, which is driving me up the wall.




    It used to work that way, apparently. It wasn’t supposed to. It’s a bug. The bug is fixed. It doesn’t work that way now.

    Go to Google Images. Find Large Blue W. Save to computer. Upload to post. Choose it as thumbnail. Problem solved.


    Yawn. Why the hell did it take two weeks to get here?

    I can´t be bothered anymore. So the fact that a large bluw W popped up was in fact a bug, now that it doesn´t means bug is fixed. Oh….of course.


    Clicking resolved on this and will find my answers to the future issues on Youtube instead.



    this doesn’t seem to work for me at all.

    when ever i go to face book and type in the url to my page;

    the image that appears is the blavatar image, but not the most current one.

    i’ve tried uploading more blavatars of the image i want featured to see if this would allow me to select the image i want.

    is the problem that i am linking to my blog home page rather the to a specific post?

    If it is t’ be great if a fix could be designed to get around this, so that i can select the image. come on wordpress engineers it shouldn’t be too hard to do?




    The image that Facebook selects is entirely up to them. They use a very strict set of criteria which we have absolutely no control over.



    I have the same issue where the automatic Publicize posts to Facebook have no image thumbnail. The same post to Facebook by NetworkedBlogs had a thumbnail attached though. So, I don’t know what the matter is. I have no featured image set and thus, the first image (or any image) from the blog post should be included in the Facebook post.

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