How can we stop plagiarism?

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    Recently one of my poems was copied.And using a search site,I found a few more posts,were plagiarized.Whats the solution to this?



    How can we stop plagiarism?

    Don’t post anything on the web.

    It is a constant battle and one that we all will most likely have to battle. I ended up buying a cheap fax machine just to be able to send DCMA requests to site owners and web hosts. I’ve sent out as many as 10 in a week. Then I might go one, two or three weeks and not send out any, then I’m at it again.


    One suggestion is to go to settings > reading and set your RSS feed to only include excerpts. Most sploggers and scrapers get our stuff from RSS feeds. Also, set your RSS feed at a maximum of 1 or 2 posts. Make sure and click “save changes” at the bottom of the page when done.



    tsp, out of curiousity, what’s your success rate like? Do faxed DMCA’s have a higher success rate than emails?


    Sometimes they accept a fax, and sometimes they request an original signed copy. I’d say probably around 70% of the time they accept a fax. Email requests, if well written and with all the data they need, probably work more than half of the time.

    I usually do the fax if I don’t get an email response in a reasonable amount of time (48 hours I consider reasonable).

    I’m ignored by site owners probably 85% of the time, but I’m seldom ignored by web hosts at least in the US. Some web hosts request a signed original, but sometimes they take the stuff down before they even get it.



    And I do think they compare the maturity of your contact with the maturity of the blog owner’s responses. I once got a rather youthful troll’s three blogs and entire YouTube channel deleted, just by following up with the paperwork in a professional manner.


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    @tellyworth:- Thanks,I tried searching whole of WP without any success in finding that link.

    @thesacredpath: LOL,seems easy enough,not to post.In fact i am considering that,or maybe I will go private with my creative stuff…and 10 requests in a week? now that is something,so much for good human nature…


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    @thesacredpath:thats what blogger asks for,fax I have to do this from India,sounds like I have spend some money on this…

    @raincoaster: thanks,it does give sound like we have hope :)



    Its impossible to stop the thieves. One has to spend a lot of time and energy trying to stop them. Thats why one does it in fits and starts. I have been through this process, all I do is write emails and it works half the time.



    Nobody wants to plagiarize me :(



    Well at least in word press we can Flag em’


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    @chirax: blogger,too you can..but it is possible to remove in blogger,you can’t in wordpress…

    @nita: You do put in a lot of effort to your posts,this is really bad..

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