how can i resize my videos to half the default (500 pixels) size?

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    Looks like the YouTube videos won’t cooperate with the height:auto rule in CSS to adjust aspect ratio.

    You could try hard coding a specific size and let the videos adjust accordingly within the constraints:

    .embed-vimeo iframe,
    .embed-youtube iframe {
    	width: 360px;
    	height: 240px;


    I could kiss ya right smack on the lips, design simply!

    Lookie! you’ve done it! thank you a million times!

    i’ll name my next grandchild after you! oh…wait…

    (srsly, thank you so much, and thanks to thesacredpath for finding your excellent help…)


    Aha! I’m so glad it worked!



    many thanks again; we can close this thread now, as far as i’m concerned.

    ha! you indeed engineered some happiness (she grinned)!

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