How can i obtain a carousel slidelike this?

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    Tryng to add a carousel like this in my site:
    No idea how to obtain this view, with part of the next images popping on left and right.
    Any suggestion?



    Hi there,

    On what site are you working? The account you’re using to post here does not own any sites on and was created only three days ago.

    If you’re using the open source WordPress software at another host, please ask for help at instead.

    The site you link to is not using WordPress at all, so that’s something they had custom built. But many WordPress themes contain sliders like that, or else you can add it to a site using a plugin, but the forums will be better able to advise you on the options available.



    A minha pagina inicial se tornou irrelevante pois os posts referentes aos sites do leitor não transferem mais as imagens e não conduz ao site de origem, pois ele se vinculou ao editor de texto e quando faço a postagem só aparece o tema do artigo . Como faço para carregar as postagens da pagina inicial?




    Please do not post into unrelated threads created by other people.

    Please open your own support ticket at, where you can get help in Portuguese.

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