How can I disable proofreading?

  • II checked my “general settings” and saw where proofreading could be enabled. It wasn’t marked, and yet the system has started to underline all the words in my post that were not English

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • That is likely the spell checker in your browser. All browsers have built-in spell checker in theme.

  • Indeed. How strange. I have had the same browser for years, but had to update, and this seems to be part of the update. Dumb. It even underlines terms that are typical of source codes like “alignnone”. Voilà: here it is underlined. And beside it “voilà”, also underlined.

    Well, so be it.
    Thanks for your answer.
    Right now I don’t think it is worth looking deeper into it, as it will bug more people and there there will be a remedy of some sort.

  • I don’t see any underlines on published posts, so I assume you mean when you are writing.

    Have you tried looking on your dashboard under Users/Personal settings? There is a place there as well to ask that all posts are proofread.

    Hope I understood the question correctly.

  • In your browser settings you can likely disable spellchecking. You might look around in there.

  • When I press Update – I always get a message that the “Proofreader” has suggestions for my post. The spell check is OK, but I do not like the proofreader’s attempts to change what I have written. How can I disable this ?

  • Users > Personal Settings > Proofreading.

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