How can I center featured images in the Skeptical theme?

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    I am using the Skeptical theme for my WordPress site, and all of my featured images seem to be using a left align by default.

    I cannot figure out how to change this so that all of my feature images are centered.

    Do I need to do this through custom CSS? Or is there an easier way? I have custom CSS, but I am not very knowledgeable about how to use it.




    What’s the URL of your site that needs CSS help?


    If you look at the documentation for Skeptical:

    You’ll see that the Specs box at the bottom says:

    The featured image max width is 519 and it works best with the width.

    The theme is expecting the featured images to be at least 519px wide.

    I tested some CSS options to try centering smaller featured images in Skeptical, but because of how the theme hard codes the featured image sizeā€¦ if you adjust one, you adjust them all and it makes the ones that are full width look off-kilter.

    I would recommend uploading featured images that are at least 519px wide even if you have to add a little white space to the image itself to get it to look centered.



    Thanks for the tip.

    I resized all my featured images to 519 width, and now there is no more awkward white space around them.

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