How Can I Backup my Blog?

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    I pretty much have backups of most of my blog posts in ‘Word’ on my laptops. However, I’ve been reading worrying posts on the forum about sometimes hackers getting into your account and deleting all your blog posts. Obviously, even with my words and photos backed up on my PC, it would be a nightmare to re-do the whole blog again. I have chosen the most difficult password I can remember but, obviously, no password’s infallible.

    I’m sure it must be possible to somehow backup my blog in its entirety? if so, how can I do that please?

    The blog I need help with is



    For backups:
    (1) The Safe Bet – Use an Offline Blog Editor
    (2) Subscribe to Your Blog’s RSS Feeds if you provide full posts in the feed.
    (3) Periodically Export Backup Copies and Save them to Disc
    (4) Back-up using using Feedburner and Gmail


    Thanks Timethief…

    I think option 3 is what I would be looking for. If I saved my ‘whole blog’ export .xml file to disk, how easy a task is it to re-create the blog from it if someone did do major damage?

    Going to have a read of option 4 now…
    Thanks again…



    Importing is easy.



    I just thought of something else. I recommend setting up a private blog as a duplicate blog of your main site. Scroll down to “Every blogger needs a test blog”


    I’m debating about setting up a private blog already since your first comment.

    But just now, I’m struggling to find where my RSS feeds are!



    Every WordPress blog has multiple built in feeds. There’s nothing you need to set up. :) See
    This is the RSS URL for your posts


    I’m looking through that support page. I’ve tried that RSS URL for my posts and it comes out in .xml code – is that right? I was thinking it would give me a copy of my posts as written?



    I was thinking it would give me a copy of my posts as written?

    No that’s not going to happen. An export file is an XML file and if you open it in anything other than a plain text editor you corrupt the content.

    Microsoft WORD is not Web compliant but if you use Windows Live Writer then you will have a backup on your own computer of every post and page you create in it and publish to your blog from it.


    I’m having a read of what Google Chrome (my web browser) has on offer for RSS feeds and storage. So I’m probably going to investigate the RSS feeds thing another night as I’m on earlies tomorrow.

    I’ve made a backup of my whole blog to disk anyway tonight and will do that regularly in future.

    Thanks for your help so far :-)



    if you are using a Chrome browser then it does not have a built-in feedreader so you need to get an extension for that. Here’s the link for that extension


    Hi, I’ve set up my RSS feeds on Google Reader and included one for my own blog.

    I may well yet set up a ‘test’ website and copy everything to that (as well as possibly using it for development) so thanks for that suggestion.

    Thanks for all your help on this – I couldn’t believe how quick you were replying and with so many good suggestions :-)



    This me timethief but I’m logged in under my other username. I’m glad I was able to help you, Carol. Best wishes with your blogging and Happy Thanksgiving too. :)

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