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    How are viewers to my website tracked? Can companies see how many people view my site?



    Hi there,

    If you’re speaking of the site you have connected via the Jetpack plugin,, and the stats feature of that plugin, Jetpack tracks views on your site via a tracking pixel that’s embedded in the site footer. In other words, if we detect an active browser tab loading the tracking pixel on your site, we log a view.

    Stats are only visible to site admins by default, and to other users on your site if you enable that in Jetpack settings. No one without access to your site’s dashboard can view your stats.



    OK, to add to that question, in the future I plan to upgrade to a paid WordPress theme, for the sake of adding ads from companies I believe in, but would these companies see how many views I have and be interested in my site, or would they not know? I ask, because my husband had a You Tube video that received so many views, he was asked if the company (Maybe it was Google) could put a paid ad on his You Tube page, and he would receive some compensation.


    On (this also applies to Jetpack sites such as Bluehost site) visitor stats are only visible to site admins with login access to the site.

    Since I am sure you do not plan on giving this level of login access to other parties you do not need to worry about potential advertisers from seeing your stat directly. They may ask you and you are welcome to share with them direclty, but they would not be able to see those on their own.

    Hope this helps!

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